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Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell

In the modern world of amazon and yelp reviews, the quality of the product or service is a given.  What will differentiate you, is the messaging. 

We help companies develop their stories from scratch or If you have an existing idea, we will find a visually interesting way to tell it.

We are a full service production house.  That means from the idea's conception, through shooting, and into post production, we will be working with you every step of the way. 

We  specialize commercials, corporate videos, and music videos, carefully crafted to meet your exact needs and elevate your brand. 

No matter how small or large your vision is, we can help you realize it. 


Bryant Jen is the founder and Director at Digital Fuzz.  Many years ago at the University of Maryland film festival, he got his start when he won the best picture award for his short film.  He has continued telling stories ever since, creating over a hundred videos over different platforms.  He has directed films all around the world from China, to Europe, and most recently, Uganda.

Erik Lu is the Lead Cinematographer of Digital Fuzz.  He graduated from the prestigious University of Southern California school of Film, and has over a decade of experience shooting commercials, narratives, and music videos. He is an expert on corporate videos, having shot for Deloitte and other major consulting corporations.  

Suhas Ghante is in charge of Story Development at Digital Fuzz.  Having successfully advised and founded multiple companies in the San Francisco startup scene, he brings his expert background into figuring out what makes a company successful.  He helps locate pain points in an organization and guide projects towards the best path regarding messaging and branding.

Kelly Choong is the editor and producer of Digital Fuzz films.  She has an incredible eye for details and is an organizational whiz, in charge of logistics, script editing, casting, and everything else that makes us tick.  She also makes sure a shoot runs smoothly and on time, so that our Directors and cinematographers can focus on the shoot.

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